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Body Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair - <Milana> Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes Top: Blueberry - Group Gift Jacket: .:Villena:. - Off Shoulder Bomber Skirt: EmilyC - Tulle Shoes: ::ROC:: - Rita Heels
Acessories Headband: ::BLOOM:: - Bandana Patterns Collection Backpack: .::Supernatural::. - Kyoko @KawaiiProject  Choker: *PerveTTe* - My Sweet Love Glasses: Meshdol
Pose [Cute Posing] - Relax


Body Hair: Taketomi - Kaede Skin: [PUMEC] - N21 Gacha _#9January Marks body: AsteroidBox - Body Scrapies FREE Freckles: ::BLOOM:: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes Robe: *IS* - Sensual Robe
Acessories .::Supernatural::. - Heda @ShinyShabby  *PerveTTe*: Flower Queen - Crown_Gold_Red_RARE / Choker_Gold_Black/ Earcuff_Gold_Black/ Tiara_Gold_Black   @TheGachaGuardian
Pose [West End]- Sandness_Single Pose


Post with Duda Kwon  of the blog My Way Of.
More information about your looks here: ♥ http://mywayof02.blogspot.com.br/
Body Hair: Wasabi Pills - Keira Tattoo: Savage - Corine Face Tattoo Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes Dress: Desire Boutique - Naina Dress
Acessories Necklace: Euphorie - Scarlett


Post with Amandinha Constantine  of the blog Beauty & Fashion.
More information about your looks here: ♥ http://beautyfashion28.blogspot.com.br/ ♥

Body Hair: *Besom- Sierra (GIFT) / Exile - Gina(GIFT) Skin: [PUMEC]- Molly _ May @L8  Eyes: LOTUS. - Bronx Eyes Ears: [PUMEC]- Little Stars
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes Dress: .a v a l e - Melinda (inclued Chain)@Cosmopolitan Shoes: ESSENZ - Greece @ShinyShabby


Body Hair: TRUTH HAIR - December (Group Truthvip) Skin: [PUMEC] - Molly_February @L8 exclusive  Eyes: LOTUS. - Electric Eyes Liner: ::BLOOM:: - Basic Liners Tattoo: *Queen of Ink - Lotus Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes Top: Blueberry Panties: Desire Boutique - Maju Panties Shoes: fri.Day - Buffy Sandals
Acessories Choker: .::Supernatural::. - Feline #35 RARE @The Crossroads Meshdol - Glasses


Body Hair: little bones. - Lana Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes Outfit: .a v a l e - Taya & Lisa @TresChic Shoes: fri.Day - Stella @Collabor8
Pose [west end] - My time @PoseFair2017


Body Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Delaney Eyes: LOTUS. - Gloss Pop Eyes #18 Eyelaches: LOTUS. - Inclued in skin (Amelia Skin)@Thechapterfour Eyebrows: L'Etre - Classy Eyebrows Freckles: LOTUS. - Inclued in skin (Amelia Skin)@Thechapterfour Maitreya Mesh Body- Lara
Clothes Dress: The Oak - Ino(inclued Necklace)@TresChic
Pose [ west end ] Poses - Sunday Mornin Gacha RARE @PoseFair2017


Post with Duda Kwon of the blog My Way Of, Amandinha Constantine  of the blog Beauty & Fashion, and Danyele Lisa of  blog Seu Estilo Livre. More information about yours looks here: ♥  http://mywayof02.blogspot.com.br/ ♥ ♥ http://beautyfashion28.blogspot.com.br/ ♥ ♥ https://seuestilolivre.blogspot.com.br/ ♥

Body Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Delaney


Body Hair: little bones. - Elle Tattoo: *PerveTTe* - The small garden Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes Top: Desire Boutique - Nihad Lace Top Shorts: :PC: - Elisa  Shoes: NOIR STORE - Daisy Sandals
Decoration  Raindale - Landfort @PoseFair


Body Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair - <Bella> @BlackFair / <Roza> @Cosmopolitan Eyes: LOTUS. - Doll Eyes / Formation Eyes Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes Dress: *IS* - Lace corset - belt tube  Body: MONCLER. - Lovely Bunny(Inclued Ears, Tail, Colar) Shoes: Six Essence - Swalla high heels / fri.Day - Rita Sandals
Acessories necklace: .::Supernatural::. - My Heather @Cosmopolitan 
Pose Overlow - Pack 52 Bunny 1 (Inclued Headband)


Body Hair: TRUTH HAIR - April Gift (TRUTH VIP group) Eyebrow: L'ETRE - Natural Eyebrow Eyes: LOTUS. - Formation Eyes @TheChapterFour Lipstick: [PUMEC] - Pack #3 Ears: [PUMEC] - Mesh Ears #1 @ShinyShaby Tattoo: *Queen of Ink - Dame @TheChapterFour Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes Dress: .a v a l e - Katerina @Cosmopolitan Shoes: ESSENZ - Cancun @TheSeasonStory-Spring
Acessories: HeadBand: TRUTH HAIR (LILITH hair accessory) Necklace: .::Supernatural::. - Elsie @BlackFair Piercing: L'ETRE- Diamond Septum Gift
Pose STUN - Gisele #10


Body Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair - <Storm> @BlackFair Skin: LOTUS. - Amelia @TheChapterFour Ears: [MANDALA] - Simple Elf Ears Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes .::Supernatural::. - Rhea  @TheGachaGuardian


Body Head: Catwa- Tumble / LOGO - Alex Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair - Marisela / little bones. - Mara Tattoo: *Queen Of Ink - Sunflower / Oracle Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Clothes Dress: Six Essences - Helena/ Desire Boutique - Laura Shoes: NOIR STORE- Claude / ESSENZ - Chicago @FaMESHed
Acessories .::Supernatural::. - Choker Heather @TheProjectSeven